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I've been called "the most creative producer we have," "one of the best producers I've ever worked with," "a creative whose practicality makes their ideas easy for others to collaborate with!" Granted these were said to me the day I was let go from my last job... but if I'm to believe HR, it had nothing to do with my performance.

I've been in production for a decade and good people have helped me get everywhere. I helped a classmate (see: did his homework) in my college stage management course, and when he started a live comedy variety show - I came on as stage manager. My boss for a three month gig as a logger (typing, not lumber) offered me a full time job as a coordinator without interviewing anyone else. When I was looking to move to NYC, an AC I worked on one shoot with set me up with her friend at Bustle, who hired me there. Then after I left Bustle, my old boss connected me with a friend at Conde Nast who hired me 48 hours later

So maybe you're the next connection in my story, and we can help each other get to where we want to be. I'm a writer, director, and producer - so hit me up, and let's see what we can make. (Is that corny? It's a little corny.)



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