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I've been called "the most creative producer we have," "one of the best producers I've ever worked with," "a creative whose practicality makes their ideas easy for others to collaborate with!" Granted these were said to me the day I was let go from my last job... but if I'm to believe HR, it had nothing to do with my performance.

I've been in production for a decade. I began by stage managing musicals, which led me to floor-directing and producing a live (and eventually to tape) variety show, which led to a full-time job (in St. Louis nonetheless!) coordinating commercials and branded content. I was thrown into the fire (see: long story) and quickly moved up to producing and managing our post-production house of editors & sound engineers. I settled into the production end of things, and began assistant directing and writing as well.

Finally at the spry age of 28 I decided to move to New York and try my chances at greater opportunities and tiny bedrooms. I started a network of collaborators and just as my freelance career was set to take flight, I landed a full time gig.


For a year and half I wrote, pitched, sweat, bled, produced & directed branded content for our many women's lifestyle brands - always choosing the projects with a sense of humor or a chance to stray from the run-of-the-mill offerings. When they decided to build out an editorial video department, I jumped on board - eschewing job security to explore creating episodic content. As one of two members of that editorial video department I pitched, sweat, bled, produced & directed more content than I had ever created before, learning a creative work ethic that was my life for that year and a half. 

Now I'm freelancing again and looking to bring all of my skills, or just some of my skills, to your project. As the prolific AD of all my commercial shoots used to say, "Let's make a movie."



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